Dnipropetrovsk Regional Administration: New strikes on Dnipro, airport destroyed

Аеропорт Дніпро

On 10 April russian troops once again carried out missile strikes on Dnipro, hitting an infrastructure facility and the city airport. The number of victims is unknown.

Source: Valentyn Reznichenko, Head of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration

“Unfortunately today the attacks of the orcs have become more frequent. We’ve had more ‘arrivals’.

They targeted an infrastructural facility in Zvonetskyi. Rescue workers are at work there now. We are confirming information about the extent of damage and the number of victims.

And another attack on Dnipro airport. It’s been razed to the ground. Both the airport itself and the surrounding infrastructure have been destroyed. And the missiles keep coming.

We are confirming the number of victims.”

Later it became known that as a result of russian missile strikes on the city of Dnipro 5 rescuers of the State Emergency Service were injured.

Source: Ukrainian Pravda

Link: https://www.pravda.com.ua/news/2022/04/10/7338598/

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