In Kherson, the russian occupiers dispersed a peaceful rally: shots were heard

Херсон це Україна

In Kherson, on the square near the Jubilee Cinema and Concert Hall, residents gathered for a peaceful rally – it was dispersed by the russian military.

The first deputy chairman of the Kherson regional council Yuri Sobolevsky reported about it on Facebook.

Comment: First Deputy Chairman of the Kherson Regional Council Yuri Sobolevsky:

“Violence, terror, lies, humanitarian catastrophe – this is what they brought to the Kherson region. Many people were intimidated, many residents risked their lives to leave the area, many people disappeared and we cannot find out what happened to them now. Every new rally is a big risk, but people still come out. Kherson region is Ukraine.”

According to Public correspondents, shots were heard from Jubilejny in the city center. Probably, the russian military used weapons to disperse civilians. It is unknown at this time whether he was injured or detained.

According to the participants of the rally, it was not allowed to be held by the russian military. A large number of them concentrated at the place of the action, the participants of the rally said. The shots were warning, so no one was injured. Some Kherson residents parted ways. Others wanted to change the venue of the rally, but due to the large number of children in the park, they decided to cancel it.

Source: New Voice


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