Kramatorsk: The number of dead caused by russian shelling has risen to 57

Краматорський вокзал

Source: Pavlo Kyrylenko, the Head of ​​Donetsk Regional Military Administration

Details: According to Kyrylenko, as of 11 am, the number of dead people has risen to 57, and has not increased since. 109 people were injured in the shelling.

Quote: People with light injuries were immediately sent home. All the seriously wounded are already in a safe region, and all the necessary assistance is being provided”. 


On 8 April, the russian occupiers launched cluster shells from a “Tochka-U” system from the occupied territories of Luhansk region. The shells hit the Kramatorsk railway station, where about 4,000 people were waiting to be evacuated.

Source: Ukrainian Pravda


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