Number of children killed by russia in Ukraine rises to 177, but data is provisional and incomplete

At least 177 children have been killed in the 45 days of russian military aggression in Ukraine, and 336 more have been injured.

Source: Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine

“Over 513 children have been harmed as a result of the armed invasion of the russian federation in Ukraine. 176 children have died and more than 336 have been injured.” 

The Office of the Prosecutor General stressed that these numbers are provisional as work is underway to identify victims in places of active hostilities, and in the temporarily occupied and liberated territories.

[Editor’s note: According to government estimates, as of 27 March, almost 5,000 people have died in Mariupol, including about 210 children. It is currently impossible to count the exact number of victims there.]

Source: Ukrainian Pravda


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