The OSCE has confirmed russia’s war crimes in Ukraine


The OSCE Mission has found evidence of war crimes in Ukraine and has placed most of the blame on russia. In particular, the Mission examined the bombings of the theater and maternity hospital in Mariupol.

This is stated in the mission report.

The mission will not be able to assess whether the invasion itself is a large-scale operation against civilians.

The report was compiled by a decision of 45 of the 57 OSCE participating States, contrary to russia’s objections.

“Intentional killings, abductions of civilians, including journalists and local officials, are likely to meet this criterion. Any such act of violence committed in the framework of this invasion is a crime against humanity,” the document reads.

At the same time, the OSCE emphasizes violations on both the Ukrainian and russian sides. However, the violations committed by the russian federation are incomparably more serious in nature and scale.

Source: New Time


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