In the village of Kyiv region, the bodies of six civilian men were taken from the basement, they were tortured and shot by the occupiers

У селі на Київщині з підвалу дістали тіла шістьох цивільних чоловіків

In the village of Shevchenkove in the Kyiv region, which was under Russian occupation, six murdered men were taken out of the basement of one of the houses. Traces of torture and gunshot wounds to the head were found on their bodies. This was reported by the police of Kyiv region.

According to police, the basement was covered in blood, the bodies of six men aged 40-50 were found in it. Police added that two brothers were among the dead.

Comment: regional police chief Andriy Nebytov:

“None of the victims were involved in territorial defense or any military formations.”

He emphasizes that law enforcement officers record new crimes of Russian troops in the occupied settlements of the region every day – there are almost 180 such settlements in the Kyiv region.

Source: Public Television


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