Occupiers in Mariupol exhume the bodies of civilians buried in the yards of houses – City Council

Перепоховання загиблих у Маріуполі. Російські окупанти почали повільну ексгумацію померлих

Russian troops have begun exhuming the bodies of civilians buried in the yards of residential buildings in Mariupol, the city council said on April 15. The city authorities stated this with reference to the Mariupol residents who still remain in the city.

Comment: “Russian troops have begun the process of exhuming bodies that were previously buried in the yards of residential buildings. Moreover, the occupiers forbid the burial of people killed by them. In each yard they put their supervisor, who does not allow Mariupol residents to give the lands of their deceased relatives or acquaintances,” the statement reads.

The City Council has no information about the purpose of the exhumation, but points out that earlier Ukrainian intelligence recorded 13 mobile crematoria in Mariupol.

Comment: “It is possible to assume that the Russian occupation forces are trying in every way to cover the tracks of their war crimes in our city. But they will not succeed, the whole world is already recording numerous crimes of the Russian army in Mariupol,” the self-government body added.

Source: Radio Liberty

Link: https://www.radiosvoboda.org/a/news-rosiiski-viiska-mariupol-ekhumatsia/31804580.html

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