Right before the Catholic Easter, a traditional procession will be held in Rome, presided over by Pope Francis

Хресна хода у Ватикані: вбивця і жертва під одним хрестом

This year, a Ukrainian and a Russian woman who have lived in Italy for a long time will carry the Cross at the Colosseum. According to the Vatican, this should become a symbolic “reconciliation of two nations”, because, as the Pope said earlier, “we are all guilty in this war.”

Why is this a bad idea?

Because such “reconciliation” blurs a clear division: this is the aggressor, and that is the one who suffers from aggression. This decision also transforms Russia’s brutal war against Ukraine to the so-called “conflict of two neighboring nations” and blurs Russia’s responsibility for the crimes committed. This procession is seen as disrespect to the Ukrainian people and the Ukrainian army, which today are desperately opposed to the invader.

Those guilty of crimes against humanity must be punished. Do not support such “actions of reconciliation”, do not give the aggressor a chance to avoid responsibility!

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