russia fired at the Bryansk region, – SBU

Recent interceptions of telephone conversations between the Russian military indicate that Russia itself fired on the Bryansk region. This is stated in the Security Service of Ukraine.

“It’s ours shooting,” explains the Russian serviceman, who is currently in the Donetsk region. To his wife’s question, “why do that?” the military responds: “It is necessary. This is done in order to provoke the Ukrainians … It was the same during the Chechen war. Apartments were blown up in Moscow, like terrorists. In fact, they are FSB members. Just now they (Ukraine – ed.) could not shoot from such a distance to Klimov”

On April 14, Russia announced the shelling of the Klimovsk district of the Bryansk region. The head of the region Oleksandr Bohomaz, without providing evidence, accused the Armed Forces of Ukraine of shelling.

Source: Radio Liberty


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