Deportation: russians forcibly deport people from Izium to russia

In the Kharkiv region, russian soldiers, working with local collaborators, have organised the forced deportation of more than 50 citizens from the city of Izium.

Source: Maksym Strelnyk, Head of the Department of Youth, Sports and Image Projects of Izium City Council, on Facebook

Details: According to Strelnyk, people have been refusing to leave voluntarily, even though they were completely cut off from information and given disinformation by the occupiers about the alleged “fall” of Kyiv and Kharkiv.

Buses containing people crossed the border at the Chuhunivka checkpoint and then headed in an unknown direction.

According to Strelnyk, there has long been evidence from occupied Izium that russian invaders, together with local collaborators, are giving false information to people who are completely cut off from information. They have been spreading various pieces of disinformation about the situation in the country and the city, including the alleged “surrender” of Izium.

They have been suggesting that locals go to Russia on their own, but the vast majority of residents have refused to leave, despite the constant threat of shelling.

Quote: “Without any doubt, this is a crime against humanity, and every one of its organisers and perpetrators must be punished as severely as possible, in accordance with the laws of war.”

Sourse: Ukrainian Pravda


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