Ukrainian filmmakers have teamed up to shoot documentaries about the war in Ukraine

Well-known Ukrainian TV and filmmakers have set up a production association to shoot documentaries about Russia’s war against Ukraine. The plan is to create educational films and TV series that will tell the world about the brutal military aggression of the Kremlin and the actions of the Russian occupiers.

On March 18, the process of collecting applications, selecting projects, production and creative teams, as well as raising funds was launched. The film producers plan not only to film and show the realities, but also to tell the audience about the origins of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, the causes of the war and its potential consequences.

Comment: Volodymyr Borodyanskyi, former Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports of Ukraine

“The founders of the association have successful experience in the production and distribution of audiovisual content. To launch the initiative, each founder has made a personal irrevocable cash contribution of 1 million hryvnias. The association aims to release the first projects in a few months. The decision on the selection and financing of the project is made by a simple majority of votes.”

The authors of the initiative are also working to attract additional Ukrainian and Western investors who are interested in creating a quality and socially significant film product.

Source: Day


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