The occupier shot the Ukrainian woman, “because she has a brother in” Azov “: interception by the Security Service of Ukraine


The Security Service of Ukraine shocked us with a new interception of a conversation between one of the occupiers. The invaders cynically admit that they are shooting Ukrainian women.

One such conversation features a Russian-mobilized resident of the occupied Luhansk region. In a conversation with his wife, he recalls how his “colleagues” brutally killed a Ukrainian woman. According to him, the occupiers fired several bullets, even in the breathless bodies of their victims.

The man said he heard gunshots, and when he approached, he saw Russian mortars and a woman with a shot to the head. The invaders continued to shoot her in front of him.

Killed, because “brother – in ” Azov “

The man explained that the woman was shot because she “started beating some shit” and her brother was defending Ukraine in the ranks of the Azov Regiment. The occupier was allegedly outraged by the behavior of the russians, but at the same time he watched in silence and did not disturb them. He only advised to bury the victim.

Source: Channel 24


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