The occupiers are preparing new provocations – they want to fire on Orthodox churches on Easter night

Знищена сьогоднi окупантами церква у селі на Житомирщині. с. В'язівка. 07.03.2022.

The Russians are likely to be preparing a new provocation on Easter night – the shelling of Orthodox churches. This is supposed to happen in 5 oblasts.

This was reported in the Center for Countering Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine.

In particular, several propaganda media outlets reported on the “preparation of shelling.” It is alleged that “more than 70 mobile groups have been formed from the nationalists in cars that will fire mortars at Orthodox churches on Easter night, only to accuse the Russian military of doing so.”

At the same time, the propagandists provide a specific list of regions of Ukraine where this “may happen”:

● Zaporizhzhya;

● Mykolayiv;

● Odesa;

● Sumy;

● Kharkiv.

There is a high probability of enemy sabotage and reconnaissance groups in the respective regions. This was reported by the Russian Defense Ministry, which claims that Kyiv is preparing “subtle horrific provocations” with numerous victims.

The Center for Counteracting Disinformation urged Ukrainians to be very careful and cautious.

Earlier it was reported that the occupiers fired on the Holy Christ-Christmas Cathedral in Severodonetsk on Palm Sunday.

“The occupiers love to compete with God, in the Luhansk region as a result of the shelling has already damaged about 10 religious buildings,” – said the head of the regional state administration.

Source: UNIAN


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