“Azovstal Plant bombed and destroyed almost completely” – Azov

Mariupol plant “Azovstal” “bombed and destroyed almost completely.” This was stated in a comment to Radio Svoboda on April 19 by Deputy Commander of the Azov Regiment Sviatoslav “Kalyna” Palamar.

According to him, “super-powerful bombs” are being dropped on the plant, and “a lot of people” are under the rubble.

Comment: Deputy Commander of the Azov Regiment Svyatoslav “Kalyna” Palamar.

“We will fight, we will use every cartridge we have left, but we call on the homeland to save civilians, the wounded and take away the bodies.”

Source: Radio Liberty

Link: https://www.radiosvoboda.org/amp/news-zavod-azovstal-znyshchenyj-azov/31811299.html

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