Hospitals and cemeteries: russians are massively mining occupied territories

The occupiers mined roads, fields, cemeteries, forests and plantations in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.

The Ministry of Defense informs about it.

Thus, on the night of April 18, along the Kherson-Snihurivka route (the section between Naddnipryanske-Oleksandrivka), the Russians conducted heavy mining of fields, plantings and dirt roads.

In the Kharkiv region on the territory of the Velykoburlutsky district the passage of local residents is allowed only on the territory of the Russian Federation. All secondary roads (including dirt roads) are completely mined. The invaders themselves justify their actions by preventing the passage of volunteer vehicles and Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance groups.

In the village of Fedorivka, Pologiv district, the Russians mined all roads, fields, plantations and even cemeteries.

Source: TSN


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