More than 3,000 towns and villages in Ukraine have been or are under occupation: how many have already been liberated

More than 3,000 settlements in Ukraine were or are still under Russian occupation. However, 919 settlements have already been de-occupied.

What is the situation in deoccupied villages and cities

● Humanitarian headquarters operate in 192 settlements. They are taken care of by the local Regional Military Administration together with the SES.

● In 70 – demining of territories was carried out.

● In 336 – the work of the National Police was resumed.

Fighting continues in Kharkiv region. However, Tymoshenko added that the villages of Vilkhivka and Mala Rohan had already been liberated there.

By the way, the infrastructure is being restored in the occupied areas. For example, a temporary bridge was opened in Stoyanka. Thanks to the crossing, traffic between Kyiv and Zhytomyr was unblocked. 15 modular houses for rescuers and volunteers were brought to Borodyanka. The same modules were ordered for Kyiv, Sumy and Chernihiv regions.

Source: Channel 24


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