The occupiers deported Mariupol residents to Russia, who were promised evacuation to Ukraine


The Russian occupiers cynically fooled the civilians of Mariupol. Instead of the promised evacuation to Ukraine, the invaders took people to the territory of the aggressor state.

All the authorities of Mariupol can do now is evacuate civilians. The mayor of the city Vadym Boychenko declared it on national telemarathon, reports 24 channel.

He stressed the need for a complete evacuation of the population. After all, more than 100,000 people still remain in Mariupol.

“The day before yesterday, Russia agreed to the evacuation. There were supposed to be 90 buses, but only 4 arrived in Ukraine. We already understand where the buses that left the city went – they went in the direction of Russia, “ Boychenko said.

The mayor noted that the occupiers told people that they would be taken to Ukraine. This act of the Russians is especially cynical. After all, Mariupol residents will face “filtration camps” in the state, which dropped bombs and rockets on them.

It should be noted that 79 people managed to leave Mariupol on these 4 buses. Fortunately, they are already relatively safe in Zaporizhzhya.

Source: Channel 24


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