The house was shot from a tank, and the wife was thrown to die: the pensioner told about atrocities of occupiers

Зруйнований будинок у селі Андріївка Київської області

Mykola Husak, a 74-year-old pensioner from the village of Vablya, 60 km from Kyiv, spoke about the atrocities committed by the Russian occupiers in his house.

According to him, the invaders fired on the house in early March. His wife, Tetiana, received a shrapnel wound to her legs and back. The Russian “doctor” said he could not help the woman.

“A tank fired at the house. The ceiling fell on the woman. That’s all. While I was digging it up, she lost a lot of blood. No one could help. Everyone ran away, old people like me remained. What can they do, as they barely walk “, – the pensioner told.

Now Mykola’s wife Tetiana is in a hospital in Kyiv, where her children took her. The owner himself is forced to spend the night in the summer kitchen, because the house is destroyed.

“There was not a minute that the tank did not go. You see, the fence was pulled out. An armored personnel carrier came in. It broke the gate. It’s a shell – you see,” Mykola told New Voice.

Before the war, about 200 people lived in the village, but most of them have left.

The family moved here from Korostyshev three years ago. The children gave them a house.

Source: Glavred


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