The occupiers dispersed a rally for Ukraine in Kherson

A pro-Ukrainian rally was dispersed in Russian-occupied Kherson, and the occupiers used tear gas, injuring four people.

This was reported by “Public Kherson”.

On the morning of April 27, people in Kherson went on a peaceful protest against the Russian occupation and the so-called “referendum.” The rally was announced at 10 o’clock. Eyewitnesses report that the occupiers threw light and noise grenades at the people and used tear gas.

At least four victims are known – a 71-year-old woman (lung rupture, chest burns), a 50-year-old man – an open leg fracture; two men – chemical burns of the eyes and nasopharynx. They were provided with medical care.

Kherson is home to more than half of the city’s population (280,000 in total) – people who need help and will not survive without the help of others. In the absence of medicines, products at affordable prices, the inability to obtain various social services.

Source: Mirror of the Week, Ukraine 24


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