Zelenskyy: Mass grave with bodies of 900 civilians found in Kyiv Region

ексгумація тіл_Київщина

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy of Ukraine said that law enforcement officers have uncovered another mass grave containing the bodies of around 900 civilians in part of Kyiv Region which was under Russian occupation in March.

According to Zelenskyy“International institutions sometimes really do act quite slowly and sometimes […] people cannot be held accountable due to the lack of evidence, despite the existence of eyewitnesses, despite everyone having seen it [the crime] take place. But they [Russian troops] also cover the evidence [of their crimes]: take the mobile crematoria which Russians brought here and which they are using to burn people, to burn their dead bodies.

And despite everything, they [the investigators] are searching and their searches are yielding results. Imagine: so many civilians were killed that despite the fact that they [the Russians] burned [some of the corpses in mobile crematoria], another mass grave has been found in Kyiv Region with the bodies of 900 civilians. 900 people!

No one knows how many people have been killed. There will be consequences, there will be an investigation, then there will be a census. We have to find all these people [killed by the Russian occupation forces] – but we don’t even know how many there are!”

Specified: A spokesman for the President’s Office, Serhiy Nykyforov, in a comment to the UP, clarified that on April 29, another mass grave was indeed found in the Kyiv region. However, according to him, the president, referring to the 900 dead, meant the total number of bodies found in the area near the recently found grave.

Source: Ukrainian Pravda

Link: https://www.pravda.com.ua/news/2022/04/29/7343011/

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