Unknown people settle in the houses of Mariupol residents and suburbs, “permission” is issued by “occupation authorities”


In Mariupol and the suburbs, unknown people are settling in the houses of the owners who left the occupied territory. Such a “permit” is issued by the so-called village council, which operates under the flag of the “DPR”. This was reported by a resident of the Mariupol village of Stary Krym in a comment to MRPL.City

Comment: residents of the Mariupol village of Stary Krym:

“I found out earlier that people live in my house, but because there is no connection with relatives, I hoped that it was a sister from the 23rd district. But today I was told that the “village council” gave “permission” to certain people “

The Mariupol City Council points out that this is not an isolated case when the occupiers settle in other people’s houses and apartments those people whom they left without a roof over their heads.

Moreover, when the owners come to pick up their belongings, the new residents may not give them away. This indicates that lawlessness reigns in the occupied territories, the City Council stressed.

Source: Public Television

Link: https://hromadske.ua/posts/u-budinki-meshkanciv-mariupolya-ta-peredmist-zaselyayut-nevidomih-lyudej-dozvil-vidaye-okupacijna-vlada

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