Among released from Russian captivity are the seriously wounded, with amputated limbs and sepsis

After returning from Russian captivity, Ukrainian citizens talk about humiliation and inhumane conditions of detention. Among those released are the seriously injured, with sepsis and amputated limbs. This was announced by the Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for Human Rights Lyudmyla Denisova.

According to Lyudmyla Denisova, the occupiers took the boots of the captured Ukrainian men, filled them with water and put them on again. After that, the prisoners were forced to lie face down on the ground in the cold for three or four days.

With frostbitten limbs and blindfolds, the men were transported to Russian camps, then to a prison in the Russian city of Kursk, where they received no medical treatment.

In addition, Ukrainians were dressed in the form of prisoners, had their hair cut, tortured, forced to learn patriotic Russian songs and perform them for their supervisors. Interrogations took place two or three times a day, after which the men were brutally beaten and later forced to sign documents stating that they had been treated well.

According to the ombudswoman, the occupiers decided to replace the seriously ill with amputated limbs and toes due to frostbite. Due to the lack of “ambulances”, the occupiers took the severely wounded Ukrainians in exchange for five hours on freight railway platforms.

Source: Public Television


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