Luhansk Military Administration: russian troops capture evacuation bus driver and shoot propaganda video with him

Russian troops have captured an evacuation bus driver in Popasna and recorded a propaganda interview with him.

Source: Serhii Haidai, Head of Luhansk Regional Military Administration, on Telegram

Haidai said that on 29 April a Russian sabotage and reconnaissance group shelled an evacuation convoy in Popasna using a grenade launcher. Several units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have since attended the site of the incident, but have found only one damaged bus there – there were no people in it, only blood stains.

Another bus which was delivering humanitarian aid and was going to collect people for evacuation on the way back has not been found. There has been no contact with the driver, either.

According to Haidai: “And so today, after 2 days of searching, Mykhailo Pankov was found. The Russians had filmed a propaganda interview with him and played it on the main Ruscist TV channel.

The occupiers forced him to say that the Ukrainian government is not evacuating people, that they left their people to fend for themselves. These are the lies that the Russians live by. They kill, they lie, and they destroy. I understand that Mykhailo had no choice. The footage says it all.”

Source: Ukrainian pravda


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