600 people died in the Mariupol Drama Theater – mass media

Росіяни скинули надпотужну бомбу на драмтеатр Маріуполя

An Associated Press investigation says the Russian attack on the Mariupol Drama Theater was actually much more deadly than expected, killing about 600 people inside and outside the building.

Details: The publication reconstructed a 3D model of the building based on eyewitness accounts, two sets of floor plans of the theater, photographs and videos taken inside.

All witnesses said that at least 100 people were in the field kitchen near the building, and no one survived. They also said that the rooms and halls inside the building were overcrowded, about one person for every 3 square meters.

Many survivors estimate that about 1,000 people were inside during the airstrike, but no one saw more than 200 survived.

The investigation also refutes Russia’s allegations that the theater served as a Ukrainian military base. None of the witnesses saw the Ukrainian military operating inside the building. And no one doubted that the theater was destroyed by an attack of a Russian aircraft.

Earlier: On March 16, the occupying forces dropped a heavy bomb on the Mariupol Drama Theater, where refugees who had lost their homes were hiding.

Source: Ukraniska Pravda

Link: https://www.pravda.com.ua/news/2022/05/4/7344000/

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