The bodies of 20 more people killed by Russians were found in the Kyiv region

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Yesterday, on May 3, the bodies of 20 more people killed by the Russian occupiers were found in the Kyiv region. In total, law enforcement officers have already found and identified 1,235 victims in the region.

The chief of police of the Kyiv region Andriy Nebytov reported about it on the TV marathon broadcast.

The day before, the dead were found in Borodyanka, nearby villages and villages of the Vyshhorod district. The search for missing Ukrainians is still in the process.

According to Nebytov, the police have already identified and inspected 1,235 bodies of civilians. 282 victims have not been identified yet. Most people died from firearms.

Also, according to the police, many civilians were forcibly taken out of Ukraine, and currently, there is no connection with them.

Source: Public Television


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