Another journalist who went to defend the country in the Armed Forces of Ukraine was killed

Максим Мединський

Journalist Maxim Medinsky, originally from Bolgrad, Odessa Oblast, died at the front line defending Ukraine in the ranks of the armed forces.

Source: Bolgrad City Council and the father of the fallen soldier on Facebook

Literally, the City Council: “The Bolgrad City Council expresses its deepest condolences to the Medinsky family on the tragic death of their son Maksym Medinsky, a lieutenant in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.”

Details: The City Council noted that Medinsky went to the front line in 2014, and without hesitation went to defend the country again in 2022.

In a mid-February interview, Medinsky said that he grew up with a military family in Bolgrad. His father is a military journalist. His mother, a schoolteacher, also served. So the boy dreamed of being a paratrooper from an early age.

“I was never afraid to lose my life, I was just afraid to lose it in a stupid way. So there was no question: to go to war or not. My country is at war, so I have to defend it,” Medinsky said.

He graduated from the Faculty of Journalism, and after graduation worked on information websites.

Medinsky’s Facebook page also indicates that he worked for the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine and was married.

Source: Ukrainian Pravda


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