The occupants tortured an Ukrainian patriot in Zaporizhia for two days: before his death he managed to open fire on them

Роман Семененко

In Polohy, Zaporizhia region, russian occupants tortured the Ukrainian patriot Roman Semenenko born in 1975. He was shot in the back on May 4.

This was reported on Facebook by local terrorist defender Ivan Minchenko. According to him, before that, the russians tortured the man for two days, beating from him information about the weapons posession and the location of his comrades who are fighting the occupants in the Zaporozhye region.

“Roman was born and studied in Polohy. When he had the opportunity to leave the Putinoid-occupied city, he disagreed. He decided to take care of his mother and help the resistance movement on the spot. He was an effective guerrilla. The information provided helped the Ukrainian military to destroy the russian army.” Minchenko.

He says that a few days ago Roman was abducted – at 6:30 am he was followed by about 20 occupants in armored vehicles. Then the rashists tortured the man for two days, demanding to reveal the places where the weapons were stored and information about his older brother – the head of the Polohy National Corps.

“He did not give up his brother. And he took the occupants to the place where he hid his own weapon. There he quickly got a PM and began to shoot rashists. He was killed by a bullet in his back,” wrote Minchenko.

He added that only his mother was allowed to say goodbye to the deceased by the russians. Besides her, Roman has a wife and a daughter.



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