A legendary pilot died in the Ukrainian sky

Ігор Бедзай

A well-known officer of the Navy, Deputy Commander of the Navy for Aviation, Colonel Igor Bedzai, died in the Ukrainian skies, said Taras Chmut (director of the Return Alive Foundation, Marine and military expert).

Details: The pilot died while performing a combat mission, as part of the crew of a Mi-14 naval helicopter from a russian fighter jet. He died in the sky that he loved and defended.

Chmut told how, thanks to Bezday’s leadership, Ukraine has preserved naval aviation.

Chmut’s direct speech: “One of the best officers of the Navy, Colonel Ihor Bedzai, Deputy Commander of the Navy for Aviation, died in the Ukrainian sky. He is better known as a former commander of the 10th Naval Aviation Brigade from Novofedorovka, near Sak, Crimea.

In 2014, Colonel Bezdai was almost the only one of the entire fleet command who showed leadership and determination. While everyone waited for the mythical “orders from Kiev”, he organized the personnel, prepared equipment, and moved all the serviceable aircraft to the mainland just in front of the occupants. And the next day – he repeated it with the fact that he could not fly the first day.”

Source: Ukrainian Pravda

Link: https://www.pravda.com.ua/news/2022/05/9/7345021/

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