Demonstrative punishments are being staged in the Russian army to quell riots

Riots in the Russian army are becoming more frequent, so the command arranges demonstrative punishments to constrain dissenting soldiers. This was reported by the Security Service of Ukraine.

The SSU released an interception of a conversation with the father of a Russian serviceman, who tells how the soldiers did not want to continue fighting, and company commanders refused to lead their subordinates “to death.” Therefore, to quell the riot General Rustam Muradov came and arranged a “show trial” for them.

According to the military, Muradov undressed them, tied their hands, forced them to take everything out of their pockets, and then took the soldiers away by car. The SSU says Muradov is known for his brutality after commanding Russian forces in Syria.

In a conversation with his father, the soldier says that the Russian rebels still have to return home, calling it a “vacation.”

Commentary: Security Services of Ukraine:

“Russia cannot officially admit that it has such a large number of soldiers who refuse to fight in Ukraine. That’s what they call their escape from the war “vacations”.

Source: Public Television


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