Azovstal’s defenders are asking China to intervene

Рідні захисників "Азовсталі" просять Китай втрутитися у ситуацію

Relatives of Azovstal defenders called on China to help with the extraction of Ukrainian troops from Mariupol.

Source: relatives of the fighters at a press conference on May 14

General statement of relatives of defenders in Mariupol: “We ask China to intervene and become a peacemaker in this war, to become a lifeline for our fighters from Mariupol, from Azovstal. Time goes by days, minutes, seconds. Our soldiers have already been to hell, give them a chance to see the sun”.

Details: Relatives of the defenders reminded us that “China knows the history of suffering, the price of independence and what is the struggle of two worldviews”, and expressed hope that “China will not stay aside and will not remain silent.”

Relatives are asking to carry out the extraction procedure and take the defenders of Mariupol, wounded soldiers, and the bodies of fallen soldiers to a third country, where they will stay until the end of the war. According to them, such a country could be Turkey, and its president agrees to the extraction to his country.

“We ask the highly esteemed Xi Jinping to do everything to save world values, to save the defenders of Mariupol,” the Azovstal defenders said.

Details: According to them, the leaders of Ukraine have already appealed with an official letter to Xi Jinping.

Source: Ukrayinska Pravda


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