This is a big tragedy for our country, – Psyuk explained why he said about Azovstal at the Eurovision Song Contest


After performing in the final of Eurovision-2022, the leader of the Kalush Orchestra Oleg Psyuk called on the whole world to save Mariupol. He explained why he decided to make such an appeal, despite the threat of disqualification.

Psyuk told about the reasons for his actions during a press conference after winning the Eurovision Song Contest, Channel 24 reports. The rapper also called on the European press not to remain silent about the situation in Ukrainian Mariupol.

Saving Mariupol is more important than disqualification.

Psyuk noted that the situation at Azovstal in Mariupol is a big tragedy for our country.

“This is the last blockade, more than 1,000 people are surrounded, they can’t get out. And we ask a third country to intervene to help them get out. There is a lot of press here, if you talk about it, it will help us,” – he added.

He urged Europeans to turn to their authorities, as information could also help. Psyuk stressed that saving the defenders of Mariupol is very important for Ukraine.

“For me, this issue is more important than disqualification. I would not allow myself to lose such a chance. I hope that at least one person paid attention to this, that it will help us in some way, ” – the leader of the Kalush Orchestra concluded.

Note that the audience supported Psyuk’s call with loud applause. However, they probably tried to turn off the rapper’s microphone, because his words sounded vague.

Source: Channel 24


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