Some of the people deported to Russia from Izyum escaped to Ukraine


Some of the residents of Izyum, who were deported to Russia by the Russian military, were able to return to Ukraine through the European Union.

Source: the head of the department of the Izium City Council Maxim Strelnyk, quoted by Suspilne

Direct speech: “We know about cases when people were forcibly deported, taken to the territory of the Russian Federation. Our residents, citizens of Ukraine, crossed the border at the checkpoint” Chugunovka “, and then they were taken to Belgorod, later they passed the so-called filtration camps. Russian special services communicated with them, and further fate in the territory of the Russian Federation was decided.

Some of these people went to relatives they have in Russia. Some people crossed the border with the EU in the Baltic countries, and through Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland, they were able to return to Ukraine. “

Details: According to Strelnyk, more than 15,000 people remain in Izyum on May 16, and the occupiers refuse to evacuate people.

“Russian occupiers have intensified their electronic warfare, fewer and fewer locals can call relatives, volunteers, local authorities. The city is in a humanitarian catastrophe.” – he stated.

Source: Ukrayinska Pravda


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