The British Foreign Secretary supported the idea of an international tribunal over Putin

Очільниця МЗС Британії підтримала ідею міжнародного трибуналу над Путіним

British Foreign Secretary Liz Trass said London was open to the idea of an international criminal tribunal against Vladimir Putin and other Russian leaders for a full-scale war in Ukraine.

The British Foreign Secretary said this on Times Radio, reports The Guardian. She claimed all criminals should be prosecuted.

“We are well aware that Putin and all those behind the heinous war crimes committed in Ukraine must be brought to justice, and we are working very closely with the International Criminal Court,” she said.

The British government has sent experts to Ukraine to help gather evidence of Russian military war crimes against Ukraine’s civilians, as well as violations of the rules of war. Everything will be processed: from witness testimony to video evidence.

Liz Trass said she had spoken to the Ukrainian government about the tribunal’s idea and stressed that Britain was open to the idea.

“We are open to it, we are considering it now, but we want the most effective way to prosecute those who committed these horrific war crimes, including rape, sexual violence, indiscriminate attacks on civilians,” said British Foreign Secretary.

The British politician stated that if the international tribunal helps to punish all those guilty of war crimes, the United Kingdom is definitely considering supporting it.

Source: Channel 24


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