Border guards discover valuable find: hundreds of gigabytes of data on Russian occupiers

Сотні гігабайт даних про окупантів РФ: прикордонники виявили цінну знахідку

Border guards in the Chernihiv region have  found a hard disk containing documents of a Russian military unit that has participated in the war against Ukraine.

Source: State Border Service of Ukraine

Details: The video posted by the Ukrainian border guards shows the Russian military and their equipment – anti-aircraft missile systems.

It is noted that the media found contains more than a hundred gigabytes of data about the Russian anti-aircraft artillery unit from near Moscow: a staff list with the positions and biographies of Russian military personnel, along with technical documentation on weapons and military equipment.

The disk also contained documents on participation in training, combat readiness, maps and other official documentation. Some of them were labelled “Secret”.

Quote: “Now Ukrainian law-enforcement officers also have photographs, characteristics, copies of passports and other documents of the invaders.

This information will help identify military personnel involved in the armed invasion in Ukraine. And all of them will definitely be brought to justice“.

Source: Ukrainian pravda


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