Ukrainian artillery units destroy much-touted Russian Pantsyr missile system

Артилеристи з одного удару знищили розпіарений російський "Панцир"

Ukrainian artillery units destroyed a Russian Pantry-1S anti-aircraft missile system worth $15 million with one direct hit. Pivnich (North) Operational Command shared footage of the operation..

Source: Pivnich (North) Operational Command on Telegram

Quote: “Good morning Ukraine!

How can one well-executed hit deprive the enemy of a piece of military equipment worth $15 million? Easy! This can happen when Ukrainian artillery units encounter the much-touted Russian Pantsyr-S1 anti-aircraft missile system in the Donbas steppe.”

Reference: The Pantsyr-S1 is a Russian self-propelled anti-aircraft missile system used to protect civilian and military objects from airstrikes. It can also ensure security from surface- and water-based attacks.

The system can be ready to be deployed within five minutes. Missiles launched from Pantsyr-S1 systems can hit targets at the altitude of up to 15km and as far as 20km away. Its shells can reach targets up to 4km away. It costs $15 million.

Source: Ukrainian pravda


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