Russian looted goods depot burns down in Mariupol – advisor to Mariupol mayor

Petro Andriushchenko, advisor to the mayor of Mariupol, said that a warehouse where the Russian occupying forces kept the goods they looted in Mariupol burned down.

Source: Andriushchenko on Telegram

Quote from Andriushchenko: “In the Skhidnyi [East – ed.] neighbourhood on Mariupol’s Left Bank, a real mini-drama unfolded at a storage depot of an automobile repair shop where the looters-occupiers kept their loot. At about 17:00 yesterday, the warehouse – along with all the loot – suddenly caught fire. The [Russian – ed.] ‘State Emergency Service’ flew in to save their ‘property’, but they did not manage to do so in time.

Details: Andriushchenko shared a photograph from the site of the incident.

He added that he received a confirmation that a landing boat of the Russian Black Sea Fleet blew up after triggering and detonating a mine in the Black Sea waters near Mariupol on 30 June. Three Russian marines were killed in the incident.

Source: Ukrainian pravda


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