Bodies of dolphins killed as a result of Russian military aggression continue to be found in Odesa

На Одещині продовжують знаходити трупи дельфінів, загиблих внаслідок військової агресії РФ

In Odesa region, 4 more dead dolphins were found, which died as a result of military aggression of the Russian Federation.

Doctor of Biological Sciences, employee of the National Nature Park “Tuzlivski Lymani” (Odesa Region) Ivan Rusev reported this on Facebook.

Commentary: Doctor of Biological Sciences Ivan Rusev

“Not only people die from the enemy, the most intelligent creatures of the Black Sea – dolphins – continue to die. In the national park “Tuzlivski Lymani” three dead bottlenose dolphins were found again, and a white-sided dolphin was discovered near the national park. It is known that the rashists blocked shipping in the Black Sea and mined the northwestern part of the sea,” the scientist notes.

According to him, combat operations take place with the use of surface and submarine boats with the use of sonar. As a result, powerful sounds are created, which negatively affect the health of animals: dolphins fall into the radiation zone of ships’ navigation devices, which damage their organs of navigation and echolocation.

“Blind” dolphins are in stress and panic, they cannot navigate in space. As a result, they hit all kinds of obstacles, including mines, crash against rocks.

At the same time, Russian scientists cite infectious diseases and entrapment in nets as the reason for the numerous deaths of dolphins in the Black Sea during hostilities. However, Rusev refutes these versions and claims that during hostilities, infections are a secondary phenomenon. Healthy dolphins have a strong immune system and their death from infections is extremely rare.

Source: UNIAN


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