The UN confirmed 4,889 cases of civilian deaths due to the Russian Federation’s large-scale war in Ukraine

The UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission reports that as of July 4, it has confirmed 4,889 deaths and 6,263 injuries of civilians in Ukraine as a result of Russia’s full-scale invasion.

The actual figures are much higher, the organization emphasized.

“More than four months have passed since the beginning of the armed attack of the Russian Federation on Ukraine. “Civilians die and are injured every day as a result of shelling from heavy artillery and multiple rocket systems, as well as rocket and air strikes… In June alone, 361 civilians were killed and 1,029 were injured,” the message reads.

The UN Monitoring Mission clarified that the use of explosive weapons with a large impact zone caused 98% of these losses.

“We emphasize that international humanitarian law prohibits all means and methods of waging war with indiscriminate action. Civilians should never be targeted, and care must be taken to protect civilians and civilian objects at all times. It is necessary to constantly observe the principles of distinction, precautionary measures and proportionality,” the message reads.

Source: Radio Svoboda


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