The commander of the Belarusian battalion “Volat”, which defended Ukraine, died in the battles for Lysychansk

Ivan Marchuk, commander of the “Volat” battalion of the Belarusian regiment named after Kastus Kalynovsky, with the call sign “Brest”, died in the battles for Lysychansk on June 26.

This is reported by the regiment named after Kastus Kalynovskyi.

On June 26, the “Volat” battalion took part in restraining the tank breakthrough of the occupiers in the Lysychansk region. A small group of fighters engaged in an unequal battle with the forces of the Russians, who prevailed. After a few hours of confrontation, the invaders were repulsed, and the Russian equipment was hit by hand-held anti-tank weapons. Then only one defender from the battalion was slightly wounded.

However, in the second wave, the Russians threw significant forces, including tanks, at the small detachment. Fighters of the regiment named after Kastus Kalynovskyi began to retreat, for a moment communication with them was interrupted.

“In the early days, there was no understanding of the whereabouts of some of our fighters, and we relied on media awareness. At such moments, it is very important to keep quiet, so that the Belarusian volunteers, in case of capture, have a chance to be exchanged, just like other soldiers of the Armed Forces, to return home. That is why the regiment endured the pause, so as not to harm our boys,” the regiment said.

It is currently known that the commander of the “Volat” battalion of the Kalinovsky regiment with the call sign “Brest” died heroically while performing his combat duty.

“From the first days of the war, he stood in defense of Ukraine against Russian aggression and was at the origin of the creation of the Kalinovsky regiment. We knew him as a courageous, determined and selfless person, ready to do anything for the sake of each of his fighters. “Brest” had exceptional authority among the soldiers of the regiment. In addition, he was a faithful son of the Belarusian land and believed in the future of a free Belarus. This is a very big and painful loss for all of us,” the regiment said.

During that operation, several more soldiers of the regiment went missing. They are currently being sought. The Kalinovsky Regiment maintains contact with relatives and friends of the missing.

Source: Hromadske


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