“The Nazis looted the same way”: in Mariupol, the occupiers stole all the valuable exhibits from the museums

In Mariupol, Donetsk region, which was temporarily captured by Russian troops, the occupiers took away all the valuable exhibits from the city’s museums. Among them are original paintings by famous artists. This is reported by the Mariupol City Council.

Comment: Mariupol City Council:

“Bombed and empty museums of Mariupol: the Russian occupiers took all the valuable exhibits out of the city. The Nazis looted in the same way in the Second World War.”

The Local History and Art Museums were left without their collections, which are the cultural heritage of the city and region, and the buildings of the institutions were destroyed.

Among other things, the Russian occupiers stole the original paintings of Arkhip Kuindzhi and Ivan Aivazovsky, unique icons and historical exhibits.

The city council says that more than 75 years ago, the Nazis looted museums in the same way and took exhibits to themselves – and now the Russian occupiers are confidently repeating their path, only under a different flag and slogan.

Source: Public Television

Link: https://hromadske.ua/posts/tak-samo-grabuvali-nacisti-u-mariupoli-okupanti-vikrali-z-muzeyiv-usi-cinni-eksponati-miskrada

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