Occupiers want to execute two Azov defenders

Russians report that two Azov fighters face execution.

Source: Russian propagandists; Ukrainska Pravda source in intelligence

Details: According to reports from the militants, Mykola (call sign “Frost” – surname unknown) and Kostiantyn Nikitenko (“Fox”) were taken to be executed.

According to a source of the Ukrainska Pravda in intelligence, the two Azov soldiers were taken out of the penal colony in which they were imprisoned in an unknown direction. Russian propagandists report different versions – some write that the fighters were sentenced on 9 July; others report that the trial will take place in the future.

There are also different versions of the reasoning for their executions – it was first written that the Azov soldiers allegedly fired on civilians in Mariupol; later it was reported that they attacked a convoy with wounded occupiers. No evidence or details have been reported.

For reference: Right before this, the militants canceled the moratorium on the death penalty on 8 July.

Source: Ukrainian pravda

Link: https://www.pravda.com.ua/news/2022/07/10/7357402/

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