Armed Forces of Ukraine report deaths of three more Russian commanders

The Ukrainian military has announced the deaths of another three high-ranking Russian commanders.

Source: Strategic Communications Department of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Details: The following commanders have been killed during the war in Ukraine:

  •     Colonel Sergei Nikolaevich Kens, Deputy Commander of the 20th Guards Motorised Rifle Division of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. 
  •     Colonel Sergei Igorevich Kuzminov, Rear Deputy Commander of the 106th Division.
  •     Major Dmitri Vladimirovich Semenov, Chief of Staff, Deputy Commander of the 16th Separate Special Brigade. 

According to the announcement from the Strategic Committee of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, each of them “took a ‘goodwill step’ and was officially de-Nazified and demilitarised.”

Source: Ukrainian pravda


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