Russian soldiers deserting due to Ukrainian artillery fire – Zaporizhzhia Oblast Military Administration

Росіяни дезертують через артобстріли з боку ЗСУ - Запорізька ОВА

The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) is looking for deserters from the occupying forces in Zaporizhzhia who are hiding in basements and abandoned buildings, looking for a way to leave Ukraine.

Source: Zaporizhzhia Oblast Military Administration on Telegram

Quote: “According to information from Ukrainian intelligence, units of the FSB of Russia are searching for deserters from the occupying forces on the territory of the temporarily occupied Zaporizhzhia Oblast.”

Details: The number of soldiers who have left their units due to the threat of artillery strikes from the Armed Forces of Ukraine is increasing every day and is currently about 60 people.

The Military Administration added that 51 instances of shelling of the positions of Ukrainian defenders by the occupiers were recorded over the past 24 hours. The Russian army has been using tank weapons, rocket and tubed artillery along the entire front line.

Source: Ukrainian pravda


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