Seven S-300 rockets were fired at Mykolaiv at night, there is a casualty

Russian troops fired seven S-300 rockets at Mykolaiv at night, one person was injured, the mayor of the city Oleksandr Sienkevych said.

Comment: (Olexandr Sienkovych) “Tonight, around 03:05, the Russian occupiers fired seven S-300 missiles at Mykolaiv. There is a hit to an infrastructure object, a gas station, a gas pipeline and a warehouse. Rescuers of the State Emergency Service promptly extinguished all fires that arose as a result of the shelling. In the morning, utility workers cleared the area for traffic.”

At this time, it is known about one victim.

Previously, the operational command “South” indicated that Russian troops use atypical weapons for shelling Mykolaiv, they use S300 anti-aircraft missile systems, equipping them with an atypical explosive projectile, which has an additional maximum destructive effect. That is why several microdistricts of Mykolaiv have extensive destruction.

Russia, despite numerous testimonies, declares that it does not fire on civilians in Ukraine.

Source: Radio Svoboda


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