In the Kharkiv region, Russians are destroying Ukrainian books, including children’s fairy tales

Comment: Borivsk settlement council:

“The struggle against Ukrainian textbooks and literature continues in the occupied territories. It is known that the school libraries of the neighboring Kupyan district have already received an order from the occupation authorities to compile a register of all the books in their possession, published since 1991, and to dispose of them.”

As noted, even fairy tales and children’s illustrated books, where there is almost no text, are subject to destruction. At the same time, the occupiers promise to bring Russian programs and textbooks from the Krasnodar Territory to the schools of the Boriv community.

In addition, almost since the beginning of the full-scale war, there has been no mobile phone and Internet in the territory of the community, which, according to the village council, deprives people of the opportunity to receive information from various sources, and instead allows the occupiers to manipulate the consciousness of citizens.

Source: Public Television


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