Catastrophic situation in hundreds of villages in Kherson Oblast, some completely destroyed – Kherson Oblast State Administration

In Kherson Oblast, where there is active fighting, several villages have been completely destroyed. In some hromadas [amalgamated territorial communities], only 10 people are left.

Source: Kherson Oblast State Administration

Quote: “There is active fighting going on in Kherson Oblast. In hundreds of villages, the situation is critical: broken roads, destroyed houses and schools, mined fields and rivers, forest fires, civilians who have been injured or killed.

Some villages have been without electricity and water for 5 months now, and their residents have not received their pensions or social benefits since March. People have to flee to the Ukraine-controlled territory or to neighbouring villages.

There are hromadas with only 10 people left, and some villages have been destroyed completely“.

Source: Ukrainian pravda


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