Mykolaiv suffers mass shelling: fires break out at sites of strikes – Mykolaiv Mayor

The city of Mykolaiv has once again been heavily shelled by the Russian army.

Source: Oleksandr Sienkevych, the Mayor of Mykolaiv, on Telegram

Quote from Sienkevych: Mykolaiv is being shelled. Since the air-raid siren was sounded, explosions – including those of cluster munitions – have rocked the city.

Several fires broke out at the sites of the strikes. Residential buildings have been damaged by the shock wave and debris.”

Updated on 05:07. Quote from Sienkevych: “Once again powerful explosions are rocking the city!

Updated at 06:30. Details: Sienkevych has called the massive shelling of Mykolaiv that took place on the night of 30 July and in the early hours of 31 July “the strongest ever”.

He noted that a number of facilities have been destroyed and that several residential buildings have been damaged.

The mayor added that “a number of fires broke out at the sites of the strikes. Rescue workers are carrying out their duties.”

Sienkevych also noted that Ukrainian officials are continuing to gather information about the explosions.

Source: Ukrainian pravda


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