Russian occupiers destroy a dozen graves and damage houses in Sumy Region

The Russian occupiers have shelled residential neighbourhoods and destroyed graves in the cemetery of the village of Myropillia in Sumy Region.

Source: Dmytro Zhyvytskyi, head of the Sumy Oblast Military Administration, on Facebook

Details: The Russians fired on residential areas of the village at 05.30.

More than 10 graves in the local cemetery were destroyed.

Power lines along several streets were also damaged, and utility poles were knocked down.

Quote: “At least 5 households suffered considerable damage. People’s windows, roofs, and fences were broken. Garages and equipment were also damaged.

Several houses are covered with debris from Russian shells: walls, doors, and heating systems have been damaged.

A local farmer’s hayloft, where everything was ready for winter feed for livestock, was completely burned down. The Russians shot the farmer on purpose.

Source: Ukrainian pravda


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