The Russians bombarded Sumy Oblast 7 times a day: wheat was burned, a natural park was damaged

During July 31, the Russian occupying forces shelled the border communities of the Sumy region 7 times, in total, almost 90 “arrivals” from various types of weapons. As a result, wheat fields were burned and the national nature park was damaged. This was announced by the head of the Sumy Regional Military Administration, Dmytro Zhyvytskyi.

According to preliminary data, there were no casualties or damage.

In the Bilopol community, shelling of the outskirts of one of the community’s villages began at noon: the Russians opened fire three times with artillery and mortars. At least 24 shells landed in more than two hours of shelling. As a result, two civilian cars were destroyed and the territory of the farm was damaged. A field also caught fire, destroying about 25 hectares of wheat.

Zhyvytskyi added that at half past one, shelling from mortars and artillery also began in the Seredino-Budsk community – about 35 “arrivals”.

In addition, the occupiers fought on the territory of the Desnian-Starogut National Nature Park, as a result of which, according to the head of the Regional Military Administration, the nature of the region and the premises of the research department were damaged.

In addition, at half past three, the Russians opened fire from artillery on the Krasnopil community. In total, three shellings were recorded there within an hour on different parts of the community: almost 30 attacks on the outskirts of three villages.

Source: Public Television


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