About 2,500 residents remain in Avdiivka, the Russians shell the city up to 20 times a day

About 2.5 thousand residents remain in Avdiivka, Donetsk region. This is 10% of the number of people who lived in the city before the start of the full-scale war between Russia and Ukraine. This was announced by the head of the Avdiyiv military-civilian administration, Vitaliy Barabash, on August 4 on Radio Svoboda.

Comment: Head of the Avdiyiv military-civilian administration, Vitaly Barabasha:

“People live in terrible, inhumane conditions. There is no water, gas. There is no electricity for about three months. We are trying to bring water, but it is very difficult to do so. The city is shelled about 20 times a day.”

According to the head of the Ukrainian Central Bank, The russians have not stopped their attempts to attack the city for several days in a row.

For this, the Russian army uses all the artillery systems they have. the Russians fire from Solntsepek heavy flamethrower salvo systems and Iskander missiles. They also use remote mining.

Source: Public Television

Link: https://hromadske.ua/posts/v-avdiyivci-zalishayutsya-blizko-25-tisyachi-meshkanciv-rosiyani-obstrilyuyut-misto-do-20-raziv-za-dobu-vca

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